11/18/2019  Peter Jason Gould
LocalzzMedia to help Local Storefronts with digital directories and marketplaces.
Northland Advertising LLC (NorthlandAdvertising.com) is a privately owned holding company that owns, operates, and invests in digital assets with a current operating division Localzz® Media. Localzz Media has a bold, innovative, massive vision of a centralized and networked information network of digital properties creating a massive information ecosystem down to local markets creating digital information marketplaces. Localzz Media has a massive digital portfolio of digital assets like no other for national and local information. Localzz Media comes to market with possibly the largest game plan, strategy, digital assets to provide a solution to creating marketplaces local digital information.  Localzz Media has put together a digital branded portfolio like nothing else in the market.

Northland Advertising LLC owns Localzz® (Localzz.com) and Localzz® Media (LocalzzMedia.com), several other media divisions, and over 1500+ digital brands and assets.  Localzz Media provides owned and operated digital destinations, marketplaces, directories, information, and advertising products. Localzz Media to create branded digital destinations that are national brands that provide multi-state, multi-region, and multi-city information. Localzz Media has branded niche, vertical, and category digital assets that function as similar branded media groups that have strategic promoting partnerships and cross marketing strategies across the Localzz branded media groups.

Localzz®, Localzz® Network, Localzz® Media, and Localzz® Labs are the umbrella, flagship, and currently the major operating divisions of the other media divisions, digital assets, and digital destinations. Localzz Media is a next-gen or next-generation media company. Localzz® is like 1000+ digital businesses or ventures all rolled up into one digital operating media company. Localzz Media plans to create digital destinations and Information Marketplaces™ (InformationMarketplaces.com) that are planned to be national to local (NationaltoLocal.com) information media assets.

Localzz Media exists to provide information and connect Localzz®, Advertiserzz™, Consumerzz™, Businessezz™, Communitiezz™, and much more. Localzz Media is building Marketplacezz™, for Information Listings™ (InformationListings.com) and Information Postings™ (InformationPostings.com).

Northland Advertising LLC and Localzz could be described as Digital Focused Media (DigitalFocusedMedia.com), Digital Information Media(DigitalInformationMedia.com), Digital Marketplace Media (DigitalMarketplaceMedia.com),   Digital Directory Media (DigitalDirectoryMedia.com), Digital Local Media (DigitalLocalMedia.com),  Digital National Media(DigitalNationalMedia.com) , Digital Northland Media (DigitalNorthlandMedia.com),  Digital USA Media (DigitalUSAMedia.com), Digital Innovative Media (DigitalInnovativeMedia.com),  Digital Diversified Media(DigitalDiversifiedMedia.com) , Digital Local News (DigitalLocalNews.com), and Digital National News (DigitalNationalNews.com).

Localzz Media and the other branded divisions and branded digital assets provide a LOCAL INFORMATION NETWORK™ (LocalInformationNetwork.com),   a National Information Network™ (NationalInformationNetwork.com), and a Digital Information Ecosystem™ (DigitalInformationEcosystem.com).  The similar branded divisions and individual digital destinations are National Information Marketplaces™ (NationalInformationMarketplaces.com) and Local Information Marketplaces™ (LocalInformationMarketplaces.com).
Localzz Media has created an all-in-one and one-of-a kind next-generation digital information and advertising network for the digital age with a massive inventory of digital assets. Localzz Media plans to bring national information brands to local communities and local markets. Localzz Media has been several years in the making. Localzz Media wants to create a massive daily digital information network essential for consumers, businesses, and communities.
Localzz is the brand for everything for locals. Localzz also stands for local information and advertising. Localzz Media is an incredible, innovative, and bold business for the digital age. Localzz is a massive vision and digital asset portfolio for a digital information and advertising network. Localzz to be built like nothing else in the current digital marketplace and strategically be designed to hold advantages over others that would come to market. Localzz Media currently has over 1000+ digital assets which create hundreds of owned and operated opportunities for digital information and advertising products creating a massive digital strategy that at times seems tough or impossible to comprehend the potential of.
Localzz Media has put together the digital assets to create hundreds of national to local daily digital information destinations, digital information directories, and digital local information marketplaces.  This is not one business; this is hundreds of businesses in one. Localzz Media is positioning to be a leader in national and local digital information.
Localzz could additionally be described as Local Advertised™ (LocalAdvertised.com), Local Branded™  (LocalBranded.com), Local Bundled™  (LocalBundled.com), Local Featured™  (LocalFeatured.com), Local Marketed™  (LocalMarketed.com), Local Networked™  (LocalNetworked.com), Local Organized™  (LocalOrganized.com), and Local Partnered™  (LocalPartnered.com).
Localzz Media is also working on Listingzz™ (Listingzz.com) and Postingzz™ (Postingzz.com) an owned and operated information (InformationPaaS.com), advertising (AdvertisingPaaS.com), and listings (ListingsPaaS.com) Platform-as-a Service. A portal that provides a centralized location for managing listings and postings on various Localzz Media network owned digital destinations, directories, and marketplaces.
Localzz is planning to be the information source for national categories (NationalCategories.com), local categories (LocalCategories.com), life categories (LifeCategories.com), lifestyle categories (LifeStyleCategories.com, life interest categories (LifeInterestCategories.com), and life stage categories (LifeStageCategories.com) also branded as LifeCies™ (LifeCies.com).
Localzz Media is currently building our massive national brands to cities with these featured destinations: LocalzzHQ.com, LocalsHQ.com, NorthlandHQ.com, Localzz360.com, Northlandzz.com, LocalFeatured.com, LocalStorefronts.com, Servicezz.com, Digitalizze.com, LocalsDaily.com, InformationCEO.com, LocalBusinessesHQ.com, and LocalsLand.com
Localzz Media is currently working on 27 core digital brands that will overlap national to local markets. In other words, this will be 27+ digital destinations that will provide information marketplaces for multi-state, multi-region, and multi-city information.  Localzz Media has 27+ plus places to find and post local information. This leads with “Localzz” a branded daily information destination sites, our general “locals” daily information destination sites, and our North America (or heart of North American and expanding to Canada and the UK
“Northland” daily information destination sites that may each cover similar or different categories:
Localzz101.com, LocalzzHQ.com, LocalzzToday.com, LocalzzDaily.com, LocalzzWeekly.com, LocalzzWeekend.com, LocalzzShopper.com, LocalzzMarketplace.com, and LocalzzVisitors.com

Locals101.com, LocalsHQ.com, LocalsToday.com, LocalsDaily.com, LocalsWeekly.com, LocalsWeekend.com, LocalsShopper.com, LocalsMarketplace.com, and LocalsVisitors.com

Northland101.com, NorthlandHQ.com, NorthlandToday.com, NorthlandDaily.com, NorthlandWeekly.com, NorthlandWeekend.com, NorthlandShopper.com, NorthlandMarketplace.com, and NorthlandVisitors.com
The Localzz Media Network consists of these 10 + media divisions with hundreds of digital brands, sites, and destinations: Localzz Media (LocalzzMedia.com), Locals Media (LocalsMedia.com), Northlandzz Media (NorthlandzzMedia.com), Digital Local Media (DigitalLocalMedia.com) Digital USA Media (DigitalUSAMedia.com), Nichezz (Nichezz.com), Information CEOs (InformationCEOs.com), Information CFOs (InformationCFOs.com), Information HQs (InformationHQs.com), Multi Idea Media (MultiIdeaMedia.com), For Sales Media (ForSalesMedia.com), For Rents Media (ForRentsMedia.com), and For Hires Media (ForHiresMedia.com).
Localzz Media is the current operating division Localzz® Media also considered the flagship or umb
rella brand for the other branded media divisions.
Localzz Media and LocalzzMedia.com includes 50+ digital sub-brands and destinations which include:
Localzz101.com, LocalzzHQ.com, LocalzzToday.com, LocalzzDaily.com, LocalzzWeekly.com, LocalzzWeekend.com, LocalzzShopper.com, LocalzzMarketplace.com, and LocalzzVisitors.com, LocalzzApartments.com, LocalzzBusiness.com, LocalzzCareers.com, LocalzzClassifieds.com , LocalzzCoupons.com, LocalzzdDeals.com, LocalzzDining.com, LocalzzDirectory.com, LocalzzEvents.com, LocalzzFeatured.com, LocalzzFinance.com, LocalzzHomes.com, LocalzzHousing.com, LocalzzInformation.com, LocalzzLatest.com, LocalzzListings.com, LocalzzLiving.com,LocalzzLocal.com, LocalzzMarketplace.com, LocalzzNews.com,LocalzzPostings.com, LocalzzShopper.com, LocalzzShopping.com, LocalzzToDo.com, LocalzzToSee.com, LocalzzTravel.com, LocalzzVacations.com
Locals Media and LocalsMedia.com includes 50+ digital brands and destinations which include:
Locals101.com, LocalsHQ.com, LocalsToday.com, LocalsDaily.com, LocalsWeekly.com, LocalsWeekend.com, LocalsShopper.com, LocalsMarketplace.com, and LocalsVisitors.com, and more.
Northlandzz™ Media and NorthlandzzMedia.com includes 150+ digital brands and destinations which include (Northlandzz Media leads with the Northlandzz™.com):
Northland101.com, NorthlandHQ.com, NorthlandToday.com, NorthlandDaily.com, NorthlandWeekly.com, NorthlandWeekend.com, NorthlandShopper.com, NorthlandMarketplace.com, and NorthlandVisitors.com
NorthlandAds.com, NorthlandApartments.com, NorthlandAutos.com, NorthlandBusinesses.com, NorthlandCareers.com, NorthlandClassifieds.com, NorthlandCoupon.com, NorthlandDeals.com, NorthlandDining.com, NorthlandEmployment.com, NorthlandEntertainment.com, NorthlandEvents.com, NorthlandJobs.com, and many more.
Digital Local Media and DigitalLocalMedia.com includes 50+ digital brands and destinations which include(Digital Local Media leads with LocalFeatured.com and LocalStorefronts.com):
LocalAdvertised.com, LocalAnnoucements.com, LocalBranded.com,  LocalBrowsed.com, LocalBundled.com, LocalCouponed.com, LocalDiscounted.com, LocalDiscovered.com, LocalDiversified.com, LocalEmployed.com, LocalExplored.com, LocalFeatured.com, LocalFollowed.com, LocalForSales.com, LocalMostPopular.com, LocalMostRecent.com, LocalNiched.com, LocalOrganized.com, LocalPartnered.com, LocalPromoted.com, LocalPublicNotices.com, LocalServiced.com, LocalStorefronts.com, and many more
Digital USA Media and DigitalUSAMedia.com includes 25+ digital brands and destinations which include:
USABrowsed.com, USABundled.com, USACouponed.com, USADiscovered.com, USADiversified.com, USAFollowed.com, USAForSales.com, USAMostPopular.com, USANiched.com ,USAOrganized.com, USAPartnered.com, USAPromoted.com, USAQuickLinks.com, USAServiced.com, USAStorefronts.com, USAVivid.com, and many more
Information CEOs™ and InformationCEOs.com includes 125+ digital brands and destinations which include (InformationCEOs leads from a core site InformationCEO™.com):
Announcement™ CEO.com, Announcements™ CEO.com, Apartment™ CEO.com, Apartments™ CEO.com, CareersCEO™.com, CouponCEO™.com, CouponsCEO™.com, DailyDealCEO™.com, DailyDealsCEO™.com,
DailySpecialCEO™.com, DailySpecialsCEO™.com, DiningCEO™.com, DinnerCEO™.com, EventsCEO™.com, GetawayCEO.com, GetawaysCEO™.com, HotelCEO™.com, HotelsCEO™.com, HotDealCEO™.com, HotDealsCEO™.com ,IncentivesCEO.com, LunchCEO™.com ,LunchesCEO™.com, MenuCEO™.com ,MenusCEO™.com, RentalCEO.com, RepairCEO™.com, RepairsCEO™.com, RentalsCEO™.com, ShoppingCEO™.com, SpecialCEO™.com ,SpecialsCEO™.com, ThingstoDoCEO™.com, ThingsToSeeCEO.com, VacationCEO™.com, VacationsCEO™.com, and many more.
Information CFOs™ and InformationCFOs.com includes 125+ digital brands and destinations which include (InformationCFOs leads from a core site InformationCFO™.com):
ApartmentCFO™.com, ApartmentsCFO™.com, AuctionsCFO™.com, BargainCFO™.com, BargainsCFO™.com, BestPriceCFO™.com, BestPricesCFO™.com, CarCFO™.com, CouponCFO™.com, CouponCodeCFO™.com, CouponCodesCFO™.com, CouponsCFO™.com, DailyDealCFO™.com, DailyDealsCFO.com, DailySaleCFO™.com, DailySalesCFO™.com, DailySpecialCFO™.com, DailySpecialsCFO™.com, DealCFO™.com, DealoftheDayCFO™.com, DealsCFO™.com, DealsoftheDayCFO™.com, DiningCFO™.com, DinnerCFO™.com, DinnerSpecialsCFO™.com, DiscountCFO™.com, DiscountsCFO™.com, EventCFO™.com, EventsCFO™.com, FinanceCFO™.com, FinancesCFO™.com, FinancingCFO™.com, FoodCouponCFO™.com, FoodCouponsCFO™.com, GetawayCFO™.com, GetawaysCFO™.com, TripCFO™.com, TripsCFO™.com, VacationCFO™.com, VacationDealCFO™.com, VacationDealsCFO™.com, VacationRentalCFO™.com, VacationRentalsCFO™.com, VacationsCFO™.com ,WeeklyAdCFO™.com,  WeeklyAdsCFO™.com, WeeklySpecialCFO™.com, and many more.

Information HQs™ and InformationHQs.com includes 25+ digital brands and destinations which include:
AdvertisingSolutionsHQ™.com, BusinessAdvertisingHQ™.com, BusinessListingsHQ™.com, BusinessHelpHQ™.com, BusinessProductsHQ™.com, BusinessServicesHQ™.com, BusinessSolutionsHQ™.com, BusinessesHQ™.com, BusinessListingsHQ™.com, BusinesstoBusinessHQ™.com, EcommerceHelpHQ™.com, EcommerceProductsHQ™.com, EcommerceServicesHQ™.com, EcommerceSolutionsHQ™.com, FinancialServicesHQ™.com, FinancialWellnessHQ™.com, HomeProjectHQ™.com, HomeProjectsHQ™.com, HomeRepairHQ™.com, HomeRepairsHQ™.com, ITHelpHQ™.com, ITProductsHQ™.com, ITServicesHQ™.com, ITSolutionsHQ™.com,MarketingHelpHQ™.com, MarketingProductsHQ™.com, MarketingServicesHQ™.com, MarketingSolutionsHQ™.com, TechnologyHelpHQ™.com , TechnologyProductsHQ™.com, TechnologyServicesHQ™.com, TechnologySolutionsHQ™.com, and many more.
Multi Idea Media and MultiIdeaMedia.com includes 25+ digital brands and destinations which include:
Adizze™.com, Bizizze™.com, Discount101™.com, Discounts101™.com, Jobizze™.com, LifeCies.com
Marketplaceland™.com, SavingsChat™.com, Savingsland™.com. SelfEmployedLand™.com, ServiceCategories™.com, Techizze™.com, TraveltheLand™.com, and many more.
For Sales Media and ForSalesMedia.com includes  25+ digital brands and destinations which include (the “FS” stands for “For Sale”):
AppliancesFS™.com, AtvsFS™.com, AutoPartsFS™.com, AutosFS™.com, BoatsFS™.com, BusinessesFS™.com, CampersFS™.com, ClothingFS™.com, CollectablesFS™.com, ElectronicsFS™.com, and many more.
For Rents Media and ForRentsMedia.com includes 5+ digital brands and destinations which include (the “FR” stands for “For Rent”):
ApartmentsFR™.com, HousesFR™.com, OfficeSpacesFR™.com, CondosFR™.com, TimeSharesFR™.com, CabinsFR™.com, TownhomesFR™.com, and PlacesFR™.com
For Hires Media and ForHiresMedia.com includes 5+ digital brands and destinations which include (the “FH” stands for “For Hire”):
ServicesFH™.com, FulltimesFH™.com, ParttimesFH™.com, TempsFH™.com, and PositionsFH™.com
Digital Age Labs and DigitalAgeLabs.com includes 5+ digital brands and destinations which include:
DigitalAgeBlog.com, DigitalAgeBtoB.com, DigitalAgeBtoC.com, DigitalAgeDaily.com, DigitalAgeEcosystem.com, DigitalAgeLocal.com, DigitalAgeMarketplace.com, DigitalAgeSocial.com,
DigitalAgeStartups.com, DigitalAgeToday.com, and DigitalAgeWeekly.com

Digitalizze™ and Digitalizze.com includes 5+ digital brands and destinations which include (Digitalizze™ is the lead site for this media group):
DigitalizzeHQ.com, Digitalizze101.com, Digitalizze360.com, Digitalizze365.com, DigitalizzeMedia.com, DigitalizeHQ.com, Digitalize101.com, Digitalize360.com, Digitalize365.com, and DigitalizeMedia.com
Localzz Media has a massive amount of opportunities for future growth and scaling ability with these brands and digital assets.  Localzz Media is getting positioned to launch, spin-up, or spin-off these future national to local information marketplaces as part of the Localzz Media network or as separate media operating divisions or companies:
Apartmentzz™.com - ApartmentzzMedia.com
Auctionzz™.com - AuctionzzMedia.com
Businessezz™.com - BusinessezzMedia.com
Careerzz™.com - CareerzzMedia.com
Citiezz™.com - CitiezzMedia.com
Connectionzz™.com - ConnectionzzMedia.com
Countyzz™.com - CountyzzMedia.com
Couponzz™.com - CouponzzMedia.com
Deliveryzz™.com - DeliveryzzMedia.com
Dinnerzz™.com - DinnerzzMedia.com
Discountzz™.com - DiscountzzMedia.com
Financezz™.com - FinancezzMedia.com
Frugalzz™.com - FrugalzzMedia.com
FSBOzz™.com - FSBOzzMedia.com
Happeningzz™.com - HappeningzzMedia.com
HomeRepairzz™.com - HomeRepairzzMedia.com
Incentivezz™.com - IncentivezzMedia.com
JobListingzz™.com - JobListingzzMedia.com
Legalzz™.com - LegalzzMedia.com
Lunchzz™.com - LunchzzMedia.com
Marketplacezz™.com - MarketplacezzMedia.com
Nationzz™.com - NationzzMedia.com
Pricezz™.com - PricezzMedia.com
Productzz™.com - ProductzzMedia.com
Ratingzz™.com - RatingzzMedia.com
Rentalzz™.com - RetnalzzMedia.com
Repairzz™.com - MarketplacezzMedia.com
Restaurantzz™.com - RestaurantzzMedia.com
Savingzz™.com - SavingzzMedia.com
Servicezz™.com - ServicezzMedia.com
Shopperzz™.com - MarketplacezzMedia.com
Specialzz™.com - SpecialzzMedia.com
Storefrontzz™.com - StorefrontzzMedia.com
Vacationzz™.com - VacationzzMedia.com
Vehiclezz™.com - VehiclezzMedia.com
Visitorzz™.com - VisitorzzMedia.com
Weeklyzz™.com - WeeklyzzMedia.com
and more.

Localzz Media owns and operates many additional digital brands to promote, advertise, and market Localzz Media.

BasicListing.com, BasicListings.com, BrowseandSearch.com, BuildingLocalBrands.com, ByStateByCity.com, DigitalContentBrands.com, DisplayAdvertisements.com, InformationBranding.com,
LocalAdvertisingNetwork.com, LocalInformationBrands.com, SelfServeListings.com, Self-ServeListings.com, SelfServiceDirectories.com, SelfServicePostings.com, WeAreLocalAdvertising.com
WeAreLocalInformation.com, and more.
Localzz Media may launch DigitalNationalNews.com, DigNNews™.com, DigitalLocalNews.com, and DigLNews™.com for future digital growth ventures. Also, Localzz Media may launch NationalTopStories.com, LocalTopStories.com, NationalTopHeadlines.com, LocalTopHeadlines.com, LocalFeatured.com, NationalFeatured.com, NationalMostPopular.com, and more.